Fun Loving & Fiercely Protective

Morsekode was approached to assist with merging the acquired 3M™ Curos™ Disinfecting Port Protector brand into the larger 3M vascular care family. Through a series of design discoveries, product trainings, and creative exploration, we were able to develop a direction that bridged the gap while retaining the fun-loving and fiercely protective aspects of the original brand — all while appeasing the legal team. Things went so well that the initial ask for a redesign of a few print pieces expanded to studio and lifestyle photoshoots, along with additional tactics across multiple platforms. We also worked within their existing technology platforms to refresh their website design and experience, along with emails and landing pages for marketing automation.

My role in these projects has expanded across all touchpoints, and I currently serve as the creative knowledge base for the 3M Curos brand. I have worked on print, sales kit, website, experience, digital marketing and social media projects in addition to providing art direction for studio photoshoots.

3M Curos product family brochure 3M Curos family of products 3M Curos sell sheet & website 3M Curos sales team box with product trays 3M Curos landing page design on iPad
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